C4D阿诺德渲染器 SolidAngle C4DtoA 3.0.3 R19/R20/R21/R22 Win替换破解版

C4D阿诺德渲染器 SolidAngle C4DtoA 3.0.3 R19/R20/R21/R22 Win替换破解版 Arnold for c4d 第1张


不再支持C4D R18,增加支持C4D R22!



  • USD export
  • Default maketx options in the Tx Manager
  • Tx Manager improvements
  • New auto tx button on the IPR toolbar
  • AOV presets in the IPR
  • AOV presets moved
  • Custom debug shaders in the IPR
  • Debug shaders in the render settings
  • Hair instances
  • Background mask
  • RGB object mask
  • Use the object name in newly created object mask tags
  • Automatically add AOVs when creating custom AOV and object mask tags
  • Automatically add custom AOV from an aov_write shader
  • Copy AOVs from the display driver when a new driver is created
  • User defined OSL include paths
  • Use instance cache on the alembic procedural
  • Autodesk Desktop Analytics Program (ADP)


  • 1563 Color inputs are not converted when OCIO color manager is used
  • 1576 IPR does not update correctly when the color manager changes
  • 1596 Crash when changing to a render settings with custom color manager in the IPR
  • 1598 Corrupt OCIO color space when switching between render settings
  • 1574 Do not export color manager to procedural ASS file
  • 1587 Plugin occasionally hangs on Threadripper 3 3970x
  • 1588 Anisotropy in standard_surface is disabled when type is randomwalk v2
  • 1595 Camera filtermap is not exported
  • 1529 Ortho camera specified in the Arnold tag does not match the viewport
  • 1599 IPR does not update when clamp sample values is disabled
  • 1573 $res token does not work in the Arnold driver path
  • 1566 Search textures in subfolders does not work for procedurals
  • 1593 ‘options: could not read INT parameter “render_device”‘ warning in log on Mac


  • R19.024或者更高版本
  • R20.057或者更高版本
  • R21.026或者更高版本
  • R22.016或者更高版本




  • 安装对应的版本
  • 打开替换文件夹,拷贝ai.dll到安装目录中CINEMA 4D R21PluginsC4DtoAarnoldbin
  • 如果你安装过之前的版本,先确保MAXONCinema 4D R21里面没有ai.dll这个文件,有的话删除
  • 安装好之后:
    C4D R19/R20的插件,在顶部菜单,插件-C4DtoA
    C4D R21/R22的插件,在顶部菜单,扩展-C4DtoA


如果安装后C4D 打不开,请先卸载插件(到plugins里面删除c4dtoa文件夹),然后把C4D更新到最新版本,最后重新安装插件即可