3DS MAX室内渲染基础教程 Udemy – 3DS MAX 2020 Interior Design Beginners Course



新手入门基础教程,讲解3DS MAX 2020室内场景渲染的基本步骤流程,包括场景建模、材质、灯光和渲染输出等

Building compelling Architectural experiences with 3ds Max can be both incredibly rewarding and extremely frustrating. With so many parameters and settings, it’s hard to know where to look when you need a solution. But when it all comes together, an extraordinary experience can be created. Join me in my Interior Design Beginners Course on 3ds max Architectural visualization, where we’ll dig into Modeling, Materials, lighting, and Rendering techniques that will take your project from concept to final render. This course is a must watch for Anyone who wants to learn 3D Modeling, Architectural Modeling or Rendering Interior or Exterior Designs in 3DS MAX