Maya 2020新手入门基础教程 Lynda – Maya 2020 Essential Training

Maya 2020新手入门基础教程 Lynda – Maya 2020 Essential Training maya教程 第1张


讲解Maya 2020的建模、贴图材质、渲染、动画等各方面的基础知识。从最基础的场景管理、模型制作、自定义界面,到多边形建模、面片、雕刻、NURBS建模等,最后讲解材质、灯光、阿诺德渲染器、动画工具的使用等

This course covers the core Maya skills—modeling, texturing, rendering, and animation—in a real-world project-based workflow that translates equally well to film, motion graphics, and game design. Learn basics such as selecting and manipulating objects, organizing scenes, and customizing the interface. Next, review polygonal modeling, creating and refining meshes, sculpting, and NURBS modeling. Next it’s time to create and apply materials to surfaces—adding color, texture, and reflectivity. Then integrate cameras, lighting, and depth-of-field effects using the Arnold for Maya renderer. Last but not least, instructor George Maestri shows how to add movement and life to your work with the Maya animation tools.