C4D阿诺德渲染器 SolidAngle C4DtoA 2.6.2 R19/R20/R21 Win/Mac AMPED破解版

C4D阿诺德渲染器 SolidAngle C4DtoA 2.6.2 R19/R20/R21 Win/Mac AMPED破解版 Arnold for c4d 第1张


不再支持C4D R18,增加支持C4D R21,如果安装后C4D 打不开,请先卸载插件(到plugins里面删除c4dtoa文件夹),然后把C4D更新到最新版本,最后重新安装插件即可

  • 全新Arnold内核



  • New option to search in subfolders in search paths
  • Allow C4D string tokens in search paths (e.g. $prj)



  • Auto tx does not use the generated textures
  • Export Ass with Expand Procedurals doesn’t work
  • Crash creating preset from an Arnold Sky
  • X-Particles groups are missing when rendering takes
  • Procedural does not respect scale in some cases
  • Instance of a scaled procedural renders incorrectly
  • Procedural as multi-instance does not render from the command line
  • IPR forgets camera after undo and redo
  • Material preview fails when texture is in a custom folder on the search path
  • Number in path sometimes detected wrongly as frame sequence
  • Arnold assets are not displayed correctly in the R21 Project Asset Inspector
  • Attributes are not inline with lights in Light Manager in R21 Windows
  • R21 command line hangs when invalid license server is specified
  • Reference shader creates an extra node in R21