Modular escalator KONE TravelMaster 商场自动扶梯3d模型


  • 3dsMax 2011 + fbx (Vray)
  • 5.33 MB

Escalator KONE TravelMaster 110. The angle of 30 degrees, step width 800 mm. The modular design of the model enables height adjustment from 2 to 9 m c in increments of 1 meter. The archive file format for max2011 Vray 3 and Corona 1.5, as well as FBX. Textures are required. KONE TravelMaster 110 escalator. Inclination of 30 degrees, ste width 800mm. Modular structure of the model allows for height adjustment range of 2 to 9 meters, with 1m step. Provided files: max2011 for Vray 3 and Corona 1.5 render, with FBX No textures needed.