Set Frames by Franke kitchen appliances 厨房燃气灶3d模型


  • 3dsMax 2013 + fbx (Corona)
  • 26.52 MB

A set of kitchen appliances from the collection of Frames Franke production. hobs - gas FH FS 785 4G BK and FHFS 584 4G BK C; - Induction FH FS 584 BK, FH FS 784 BK and BK FH FS 865; Hood: - Built-in countertop FS DW 866 XS BK; - Island FH FS 906 BK; - Wall FS TS 906 W BK and FS TS 606 W BK. When using a table top plane ekstrudit need a little inside (or make hole) The archive is also Vray version.