Food set1 一组食物3d模型

ood set1


max | fbx | 3D Models | 161 MB

The archive obj file and 2 file maksovskih 13 version. In one corona materials other vray. Each file 3 options fudseta – with blueberries – cranberries – with a currant is also present in each set – 3 a cupcake – 3 branches with berry – cup with berries – pitcher for cream – a glass beaker with a drink and a straw – a towel – a wooden tray breakfast. The model is made in the framework of the teachers to cooperate “30 DAYS” for the competition: “Food as art.” This set can be put on a bed.

food as art, decoration, cake, twig, bilberry, cowberry, currant, milk, tea, orang, juice, towel, cream, cup, tray, cupcakes, plate, berry